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Product Analyst

We are seeking an experienced Product Analyst to join our team.

Job Responsibilities

The product team at Solvei8 ensures to deliver an outstanding user experience and products to the different stakeholders within a manufacturing plant by understanding the different users, use-cases, discerning their problem-statements in manual processes and designing different apps that meet the specific needs of the users.

Are you someone who loves to build products and also gets curious about technology stack being used? Have you worked in technical roles at some point in your career and enjoyed them? We are looking for Product Owners to enable delivery of high quality operational products in a fast-paced, challenging, and creative environment. You will work with business heads and engineering partners to drive the strategy, roadmap, execution of a product area to build high quality products/systems.


·      Conduct primary and secondary research to develop understanding of overall market and consumer insights.

·      Plan, manage and drive delivery for a feature space/core module of the Solvei8 customer-facing product.

·      Drive execution by writing specs / PRD’s, creating mockups/wireframes, agile stories conducting acceptance tests, training, prototyping, devising marketing and delivery documentation and doing whatever it takes to launch features quickly across the organization and external stakeholders.

·      Interface directly with key business stakeholders, engineers &designers to debate requirements, drive decisions & measure success.

·      Oversee product operations/ go to market for features &projects to drive adoption, delivery and successful implementations.

·      Help teams with the right communication strategies as well as help the team create solutions for daily requirements from the clients, negotiate, and remove obstacles by innovative product thinking to achieve business results.

·      Establish effective operating mechanisms to undertake large projects across multiple teams & stakeholders.

·      Conduct product reviews with senior management for their area of ownership.

·      Have a keen understanding of the relevant market(s) & customers they are building for

·      Conduct and manage all aspects of program life cycle management including market demands, technology trends, and the competitive field.

·      Establish product acceptance criteria & review QA test cases to ensure that the envisaged customer benefits are realize.

Job Requirements

·      2+ years of experience building tech products with a demonstrated ability to drive product planning, development and launch.

·      Proven track record of delivering product to market that is successful and drives revenue & profitability for the company.

·      Ability to understand and talk technology; proactiveness in learning about emerging technologies and the latest market trends.

·      Analytical and data-focused with experience in product analytics, optimization, and A/B testing

·      You have excellent communication skills and strong stakeholder management skills. You understand how to tell your story, listen to others’ viewpoints and then drive a decision that's the best for the customer and the business

·      Innovative, self-directed and able to deal well with ambiguous problems.

·      Prior experience with startups, co-founder, founding team etc.

·      Confidence dealing with a significant amount of information/data and deliver data-driven solutions.

·      Strong verbal and written communication skills - Ability to communicate and discuss technical topics with both technical and business audiences.

The Product Analyst is a starting-level product management level position responsible for managing a broad range of research, product plans ,strategies and tactics while coordinating product lines, creating PRDs, wireframing and coordination with the broader product management team, business stakeholders and engineering teams. The overall objective of this role.

What do we offer?

Job Type : Full-time, Work from Office with flexibility

Remuneration : 10,00,000 - 12,00,000

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